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If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us!

Take a look at most common questions:

Q. Will I receive a hard copy of my portrait?
Not at this time. We are focused on fast service, sending a mail may take too long time. We will send you a picture by email so you can print it.

Q. I have no scanner or no printer, what can I do?
Scanner is not required if you already have a photo in digital form (as file on your disk) and this photo meets our requirements. Otherwise you can use an internet-cafe or other third-party service to scan the photo or print the portrait. There are a lot of internet cafes over the world. You can find the nearest one using website. Although information at seems to be very accurate, we suggest that you place a phone call before visiting internet-cafe.

Q. I have no email, can I use your service?
No, email is required to communicate with you. You can get free email account for example at

Q. I have no credit card (or I do not want use it over the Internet), how do I use your service.
Our main goal is to provide fast service, so we use instant payment methods only. We accept credit cards and online (electronic) checks (US residents only).

Q. How do I select a right photo?
It is very important to provide us with a good photo. We are unable to do our job if submitted photo does not meet our guidelines.

Q. Is my private information such as email address safe and confidential?
A. Sure! Read our privacy policy for more details.

Q. What kind of printer is most suitable for painting printing?
Both ink jet and laser printers produce good results.

Q. I lost an email with my portrait, can you please send it again?
We keep all portraits for one month at our server. So we can send you your portrait again within a month. We do not charge any fee for this service. However after one month you have to place a new order and pay again if you lost your portrait.

Q. My question is not listed here...
Send your question by email.

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