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InstantPainter - Requirements It is very important to choose good photo to draw portrait. Photo you send to us must meet following requirements:

1. File format:

photo to draw - file format We accept photos in JPEG file format only.

2. Resolution:

photo to draw - resolution
Optimal resolution is 150 dpi for 3x5 inch photo. Increase resolution for smaller photos.

3. Photo size:

photo to draw - photo size Photo must be 400x400 pixels in size or larger. 3x5 inch photo scanned at 150 dpi is OK.

4. File size:

photo to draw - file size We do not accept files that exceed 1 Mb.

5. Close-up photo required

photo to draw - badphoto to draw - close-up photo Face must take at least 1/3 of the photo (the more the better).

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