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Photo. How to choose...

It is very important to choose a good photo as a portrait source. The most common mistake is to send us a photo where person's face takes just a little fraction of the image. For good results person's face should take at least 1/3 of the photo.

Take a look at following examples. First two photographs are unsuitable for portrait drawing. Third photo is OK.

InstantPainter - don't choose a photo with a small face InstantPainter - don't choose a photo with a lot of people InstantPainter - sample of a good photo

Photo. How to scan...

You can send us both colored or black-and-white photographs.

InstantPainter - sample of a colored photo InstantPainter - sample of a grayscale photo

Colored photo:
scan image as Colored photo with color depth - 24 bits, resolution
150 dpi for 3x5" photo. Increase resolution for smaller photos.

Grayscale photo:
scan image as Grayscale photo (8 bit), resolution 150 dpi. for 3x5" photo. Increase resolution for smaller photos.

Photo. How to save...

Save any image as JPEG file format with parameters as shown at the screen-shot (please note that your software may display an option dialog that looks differently):

InstantPainter - how to save photo

Try to save file with high or maximum quality. Make sure that the file size does not exceed 1 Mb. We do not accept files larger than 1 Mb.

If you have photo with several persons, don't forget to write us whom you would like we to draw.

What to do if you have no scanner...

Scanner is not required if you already have a photo in digital form (as file on your disk) and this photo meets our requirements. Otherwise you can use an internet-cafe or other third-party service to scan the photo. There are a lot of internet cafes over the world. You can find the nearest one using www.cybercafe.org website. Although information at www.cybercafe.org seems to be very accurate, we suggest that you place a phone call before visiting the internet-cafe.

InstantPainter - fill the form to send your photo

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