Portrait from photo: Step 1 - Send us a photo


Send us your photo.

Please read carefully before sending us any photos!
After we receive your original photo, we draw a portrait off that photo and send you the draft version in the low resolution (you will be unable to get a quality print off that picture!) If you like the quality, we will send you the completed portrait. If you do not like anything we will either redraw the portrait (this will prolong the completion period) or, if you do not want any redrawing, we will give you your money back.

After you have approved the draft version of the drawing, the drawing is considered approved. No further quality complaints will be accepted, and no refunds will issued.

The cost of a one-person portrait - $49.

Look carefully at the photo requirements below and if your photo meets them please send us your photo and all necessary comments.
If you would like to draw a portrait off a photograph of a group of people or a group portrait off several photographs, please send us the photographs, and we will send you the quote for the job.



1. File format:

photo to draw - file format We accept photos in JPEG file format only.

2. Resolution:

photo to draw - resolution
Optimal resolution is 150 dpi for 3x5 inch photo. Increase resolution for smaller photos.

3. Photo size:

photo to draw - photo size Photo must be 400x400 pixels in size or larger. 3x5 inch photo scanned at 150 dpi is OK.

4. File size:

photo to draw - file size We do not accept files that exceed 1 Mb.

5. Close-up photo required

photo to draw - badphoto to draw - close-up photo Face must take at least 1/3 of the photo (the more the better).
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